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Game project: Money!

I did a small update on the game-thing: the player is now able to col­lect money (or dia­monds, or burg­ers, or any­thing) coole minecraft maps zumen. These will be used in the in-game shops to, well, buy stuff. One issue I had was that I wanted to make the coins col­lected per­sis­tent: for exam­ple, if you […]

More gaming tests

It is a pretty long time since I last posted here win­dows edge. I guess I was busy. Or lazy. Or both. Or maybe I didn’t have any­thing worth shar­ing, and not enough traf­fic to bother. I am back for now, to share with the ran­dom wan­der­ers who still visit this place some­thing I have […]

This is not a chevron

I still see on many web­pages the sign » con­ve­niently used as a right point­ing arrow. In bread­crumbs, after sec­ondary call-to-action links, etc.

Magnet letters tentative with JQuery and CSS3

Who doesn’t love mag­netic let­ters on a fridge?
I saw some­thing like that a while ago, and tried to repli­cate the same effects in my own, messy way.

Simple Css 3 buttons

I know that there are many other ways to do this out there, but I just had to come up with my own — you know how it is…

Donut : z-sorting

Still mess­ing around JS game things… This time I tried to imple­ment sim­ple Z-sorting.

Donut : a javascript game engine experiment

The other day, I was won­der­ing if I could cre­ate a sim­ple point and click game engine only with javascript… I ended up spend­ing a cou­ple of hours build­ing this, with char­ac­ters I made for Yokata.

New Google Ads video

down­load skype for free for tablet A while ago, I worked with Google and USN to cre­ate a cou­ple of B2B videos to adver­tise Google Ads for mobile Wim­mel­bild games full ver­sion free with­out time limit ger­man. The first one is online for a while, and I just received the link of the sec­ond one. […]

Little ghosts Wallpaper

These days, I’m work­ing now on a game inter­face for a client.
They didn’t like these, say­ing it was too “sim­ple and child­ish”. Damn.
Since I quite like them, I decided to turn them into a cou­ple of wallpapers.

Satanic Gameboy Wallpaper

A cou­ple of days ago, I posted a “Satanic Game­boy” sketch on my blog.
Well, I redraw it, and made it a wall­pa­per, in a cou­ple of dif­fer­ent sizes.