Domino’s Pizza Tracking Show


I stum­bled today on an inter­est­ing idea on the Japan­ese web­site of Domino’s Pizza.

When you have ordered a pizza online (after a fas­tid­i­ous reg­is­tra­tion process, as only Japan­ese site have the secret), you are invited to fol­low in “real-time” the pro­gres­sion of the mak­ing of your pizza.

Since you will need to reg­is­ter and actu­ally order a pizza to see it, here is a video that gives a good idea:

The video inte­grates your name, your order, and your geo loca­tion with a nice usage of Google Maps API. I guess this is the japan­ese ver­sion of the US site. A fine local­iza­tion work.

The next step would be to add GPS posi­tion­ing on the deliv­ery scoot­ers, to be able to track exactly the deliv­ery boy dur­ing his run…

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