Donut : a javascript game engine experiment

The oth­er day, I was won­der­ing if I could cre­ate a sim­ple point and click game engine only with javascript.. foto­com­mu­ni­ty bilder herun­ter­laden. I end­ed up spend­ing a cou­ple of hours build­ing a sim­ple pro­to­type, with char­ac­ters I made for Yoka­ta patience free down­load android.

Test it here: Chara move test 0.0.1 (only char­ac­ter move­ments and sim­ple speech bub­ble)
The music of the demo is not by me drop­box zum herun­ter­laden freigeben. It has been made by the won­der­ful Ultra­syd.

It’s pret­ty rough for now, but I think the idea is there free images to back­ground. No use or can­vas or any oth­er fan­cy HTML5 fea­ture, just good old divs and Jquery for the ani­ma­tions phone book.

It has been devel­opped with Fire­fox 3.6.2 on a Mac. There is a posi­tion­ing bug in Safari/Webkit and Chrome, I’m work­ing on it.. Down­load super bub­bles for free. (or if you have any idea, don’t hes­i­tate to mail me). This is fixed. I have no plan of sup­port­ing IE for now.

This is a work in progress, and should be updat­ed fre­quent­ly (well, depend­ing on my time of course) down­load what­sapp images on pc.
For now, the only fea­tures are :

  • Click and go — lim­it­ed to a square area around the char­ac­ter.
    To do : make this round Done herun­ter­laden.
  • Back­ground scrolling
  • Col­li­sions with NPC, gen­er­at­ing dif­fer­ent type of events (sim­ple alert, dia­logue, etc.)
  • Ran­dom “jew­els” gen­er­a­tion for each lev­el (not fea­tured in demo)
  • Login/logout (not fea­tured in demo)
  • Life, mon­ey, stats data from drop­box. (not fea­tured in demo)

To do :

  • Fix Safari/Chrome start posi­tion­ing bug Fixed
  • Col­li­sions with jew­els
  • Add 1st plan with z scrolling.
  • Save posi­tion of char­ac­ter, back­ground, lev­el
  • Make lev­el build­ing dynam­ic
  • Add abil­i­ty to change char­ac­ter
  • Add sounds (ide­al­ly, with­out Flash)


  • 2010/06/11: Added cook­ie sav­ing play­er posi­tion, back­ground posi­tion, and pro­file (left or right).

I called this “Donut”, because of the char­ac­ter’s face.

Com­ments and crit­ics wel­come !