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It is a pret­ty long time since I last post­ed here win­dows edge. I guess I was busy. Or lazy. Or both. Or maybe I did­n’t have any­thing worth shar­ing, and not enough traf­fic to both­er. I am back for now, to share with the ran­dom wan­der­ers who still vis­it this place some­thing I have been play­ing with for a cou­ple of weeks now herun­ter­laden.

I have been play­ing with javascript (and before that, flash) 2d gam­ing for a while now herun­ter­laden. I am clear­ly not a real devel­op­er, and know just enough code to put myself into trou­ble, as I often say. I tried to cre­ate things from scratch, with lim­it­ed suc­cess, played with a cou­ple of engines, until I found some­thing I real­ly liked, called Phaser.js lkw bilder kosten­losen.

Phas­er is a 2d game engine based on the Pixi.js ren­der­er, a self-described “2D webGL ren­der­er with can­vas fall­back” spo­ti­fy mobile herun­ter­laden. This means that depend­ing on what your brows­er is capa­ble of, it will ren­der things either in WebGL or in Can­vas herun­ter­laden. Pixi only takes care of the ren­der­ing, and Phas­er adds to that a lot of use­ful func­tion­al­i­ties for peo­ple who would like to cre­ate games, espe­cial­ly of the 80–90’s inspired 2d kind youtube video mac. It is very well doc­u­ment­ed, with a lot of exam­ples, and the com­mu­ni­ty is super friend­ly and help­ful herun­ter­laden. What’s not to like?

Soooo… Here I am again. Back on an idea I start­ed more than ten years ago, tweak­ing around could in the hope to make some­thing playable that could hope­ful­ly some­day release to the world net­flix film down­load­en.

A cou­ple of things about this project:

  • It’s inspired by sev­er­al things. Old­school plat­form­ers like Super Mario and Jet Set Willy (yeah, I am that old), with a dash of Mani­ac Man­sion, Zel­da (up to the Super NES) and the PC-Engine ver­sion of Adven­ture Island kann bei what­sapp keine bilder down­load­en.
  • It’s a work in progress. I am work­ing on it on my free time, with no release date in mind for now. I don’t know when I will put a playable ver­sion online, or on Git.
  • For now, this is how it looks like: 
    • Mul­ti­ple lev­els, with mul­ti­ple entry/exit points
    • Mon­ster with basic AI (ie. “don’t fall from cliffs”)
    • Lives, and game over state
    • All lev­els have indi­vid­ual names, hope­ful­ly to be used in a sto­ry (or not, who knows)
    • It will be brows­er-based only, playable with a keyboard
    • Code is super ugly, but kin­da works. It prob­a­bly would need a lot of refac­tor­ing before I let any­one take a look at it :)
  • And here are the things that I would like to add: 
    • Coins (or dia­monds, or what­ev­er) to collect
    • Shops, to by stuff with these coins
    • More types of mon­sters (cur­rent types of mon­sters: one), some with smarter IA
    • Save states, maybe passwords?
    • Way more many tiles types, and a giant map inspired by Tokyo (I know…)
    • NPCs
    • Dia­logues (maybe very sim­ple, with­out any choices)
    • One idea I have been toy­ing with for a while is to make the vis­i­ble sur­face decrease with time. The play­er would have to col­lect bat­ter­ies (or some­thing else) to keep the playable area wide enough.

Some that’s it, in a nut­shell. I will be back to France at the end of this week for a bit of hol­i­days, and won’t touch a com­put­er for at least two weeks, but I am hop­ing to get fresh ideas on what to do next, and maybe how.

Feed­back, com­ments and crit­ics are more than wel­come, feel free to leave some in the com­ment sec­tion below!

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