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Satanic Gameboy Wallpaper

A cou­ple of days ago, I post­ed a “Satan­ic Game­boy” sketch on my blog.
Well, I redraw it, and made it a wall­pa­per, in a cou­ple of dif­fer­ent sizes.

Domino’s Pizza Tracking Show

I stum­bled today on an inter­est­ing idea on the Japan­ese web­site of Domi­no’s Piz­za siedler kosten­los herun­ter­laden. When you have ordered a piz­za online (after a fas­tid­i­ous reg­is­tra­tion process, as only Japan­ese site have the secret), you are invit­ed to fol­low in “real-time” the pro­gres­sion of the mak­ing of your piz­za adobe after effects herunterladen. […]

5 useful Mac OS X applications for webdesigners

After using Win­dows for many years, I recent­ly switched to Mac OS X for my new com­put­er. Until now, I am quite hap­py with it (well, I still don’t like not to be able to cre­ate a file any­where with a right click, and the impos­si­bil­i­ty to resize win­dows from any place but the right-bottom […]

New layout

New min­i­mal theme for the site, based one more time on the excel­lent Sand­box theme for Word­Press mozil­la fire­fox 64 bit for free. The site itself is a Work-in-Progress, an exper­i­ment in WP tem­plate build­ing, so you can expect some changes in the lay­out in the com­ing weeks. Don’t hes­i­tate to leave your opin­ion, com­ments, etc […]

CFSL Artbook Vol.3

You can find some of my illus­tra­tions in the 3rd edi­tion of the CFSL Art­book kann man the walk­ing dead auf net­flix herun­ter­laden. Many gift­ed artists are fea­tured, and the qual­i­ty of the print is real­ly nice. Here is the pre­sen­ta­tion of the edi­tor, tak­en from the edi­tor’s web­site: Anka­ma Edi­tion intro­duces the third vol­ume of […]

The site is finally live

excel down­load­en I am still work­ing on the lay­out, so it may change dur­ing a cou­ple of days. I still have to trans­fer my old port­fo­lio here, make thumb­nails etc. I’m hes­i­tat­ing between this col­or scheme and a back & white super sober one.. minecraft pe gratis down­load­en. Just test­ing: [css]div.figure { float: right; width: 25%; […]