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Uni-ball fanthom The Game

Uni-ball asked me to build a flash game for the launch of their new pen, the Fanthom.

Google Mobile Ads

Google need­ed a cou­ple of B2B videos to explain the ben­e­fits of their Mobile Ads ser­vice to poten­tial clients.

Chronic’Art #63 cover

The french mag­a­zine Chron­ic’Art asked me to design the cov­er of their 63th issue, which main theme was Gonzo jour­nal­ism and its mod­ern heritage.


Yokata.jp is a free web­ser­vice for Japan­ese mobile phones.
They need­ed a bunch of char­ac­ters to rep­re­sent the diver­si­ty of their users, that they could use in their com­mu­ni­ca­tion, most­ly print and video.

UltraSuperNew 3.0

This, is the 3rd ver­sion of the USN web­site. And after the “quick and sim­ple” one, the HTML/CSS/AJAX one, It was the time for the Full-Flash version!

Binbo Date

Hav­ing a date but no mon­ey? Bin­bo Date helps you out :-) sim­ply indi­cate how much you want to spend and where you want to go, and a selec­tion of bars, restau­rants and TAB events is shown on an embed­ded Google Map.

Mina No Mori

Let’s grow a vir­tu­al tree in your mobile phone! Depend­ing on how often you vis­it it and how much care you take of it, it grows and evolves in an impre­vis­i­ble way.

Book of dreams

Roger Omar trav­els the world doc­u­ment­ing kids’ dreams. For his project 150 Illus­trat­ed Dreams / The Col­ored Mon­ster Has No Mouth he asked artists from around the world to illus­trate the dreams.