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NSFW” labeled con­tents can be quite offen­sive, yes. But it can also just be intrigu­ing, dis­turb­ing, or more sim­ply, just not con­sen­sual.
We tried to fil­ter the too obvi­ous porn spam by exclud­ing key­words too “explicit”, and hoped for the best.

Collective mouse

A small Flash 5 exper­i­ment, highly inspired by Yugo Nakamura/Yugop early exper­i­ments about online col­lab­o­ra­tive flash design projects.

Escape From Santa’s Factory Of Hell

I used Klas Kroon lessons on build­ing old­school tile-based games to try to build a kind of mario-like game engine. I cre­ated all graph­ics, and added sev­eral features.