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Expedia Ecity

Ecity is an Expe­dia Japan pas­sive game cam­paign. Basi­cally, the user cre­ate a vir­tual city and have noth­ing else to do than shar­ing his per­sonal game url to play. Every time a new vis­i­tor will visit his page, the city will grow.

So the more vis­i­tor you have, the biggest is your city!

UltraSuperNew 3.0

This, is the 3rd ver­sion of the USN web­site. And after the “quick and sim­ple” one, the HTML/CSS/AJAX one, It was the time for the Full-Flash version!


Candyland.jp is a blog writ­ten by French peo­ple liv­ing in Japan.
I cre­ated a cus­tom Word­press theme, based on a mod­i­fi­ca­tion of the Sand­box theme.

Binbo Date

Hav­ing a date but no money? Binbo Date helps you out :-) sim­ply indi­cate how much you want to spend and where you want to go, and a selec­tion of bars, restau­rants and TAB events is shown on an embed­ded Google Map.

Swarovski Fashion Rocks

Swarovski Fash­ion Rocks pro­mo­tional microsite.


Ultra­Su­perNew orga­nized three times an event called Ultra­Su­per­Tube, were we used the power of YouTube to DJ/VJ all the night. From the UST web­site, peo­ple can sub­mit their favorite youtube video.

Mina No Mori

Let’s grow a vir­tual tree in your mobile phone! Depend­ing on how often you visit it and how much care you take of it, it grows and evolves in an impre­vis­i­ble way.

Flightclub by KLM

KLM’s Flight­club was the first com­mu­nity web­site cre­ated by an air­line com­pany. The Flight­club was a place for Japan­ese fre­quent trav­el­ers to share expe­ri­ences about their favorite places. Good restau­rants, hotels, hot spot, nice club, funny anecdotes…

Life IS G.

Design, devel­op­ment and inte­gra­tion of a fully mul­ti­lin­gual web­site (Japan­ese and Eng­lish) for a Japan­ese IT con­sult­ing company.


Moblip beta is a free mobile book­mark­ing web­ser­vice devel­oped for Tokyo Office Co. Ltd.
It allows you to eas­ily book­mark a web page with your browser, and then to access it from a mobile device on your per­sonal “moblip page” (PDA, cell­phone, etc.).