Google Mobile Ads

See the project live

Google needed a cou­ple of B2B videos to explain the ben­e­fits of their Mobile Ads ser­vice to poten­tial clients herun­ter­laden.

They wanted some­thing visu­ally sim­ple, that would match Google iden­tity and tone, didac­tic, and short. It should also be generic enough to be easy to local­ize in sev­eral lan­guages Down­load plant­net app for free. We didn’t have much time, and went for some­thing quite minimal.

I was respon­si­ble of the global direc­tion of the project, visual choices, and ani­ma­tion pro­duc­tion schneller down­loaden steam.

Visu­als were also declined in a cou­ple of give-aways: eco bags, note­books, etc.