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Tokyo University of the Arts

The “Mus­cial Cre­ativ­ity and the Envi­ron­ment” sec­tion of Tokyo Uni­ver­sity of Arts needed a web­site.
They wanted some­thing sim­ple and clear, and not too directly related to the world of the music.

Audi Mobile

Audi Mobile is the offi­cial Audi Japan mobile web­site. It offers the lat­est Audi infor­ma­tions, an Offi­cial Audi Deal­ers loca­tor, cam­paigns infor­ma­tions and good­ies to download.

Mina No Mori

Let’s grow a vir­tual tree in your mobile phone! Depend­ing on how often you visit it and how much care you take of it, it grows and evolves in an impre­vis­i­ble way.