Audi Mobile

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Audi Mobile is the offi­cial Audi Japan mobile web­site. It offers the lat­est Audi infor­ma­tions, an Offi­cial Audi Deal­ers loca­tor, cam­paigns infor­ma­tions and good­ies to down­load down­load the free flash player. The site is acces­si­ble from the top page of the DoCoMo offi­cial page, poten­tially reach­ing some of the 48.6 mil­lion i-mode users.

I was respon­si­ble of the whole design, form Art Direc­tion to UI con­cep­tion, while work­ing in par­al­lel with the devel­op­ment team, the client and their agency in Japan video herun­ter­laden mit vlc.