Expedia Ecity

Ecity is an Expe­dia Japan pas­sive game cam­paign. Basi­cally, the user cre­ate a vir­tual city and have noth­ing else to do than shar­ing his per­sonal game url to play bibi and tina hör­spiel for free. Every time a new vis­i­tor will visit his page, the city will grow. So the more vis­i­tor you have, the biggest is your city!

The Main part of the game is made of Flash/AS3 down­load html edi­tor phase for free. The site back­end is (of course) a sym­fony project, ver­sion 1.2. This guys com­mu­ni­cate via AMF. Each user got his own unique sub-domain URL, mak­ing the thing eas­ier to share win­dows update 1903.

Of course, this project was more than inspired by the great work of the Motion-Twin guys adobe pho­to­shop herun­ter­laden kosten­los.

This project is not online anymore.